The Observer

Exhibition Design, 4. Semester, supervision Prof. C. Frey

For this exploration into the graphic three dimensional space, I chose a quote from the novel „The Assignment – of the observing of the observer of the observers“ by Friedrich Dürrenmatt. The novel was published in 1986 but the topic is very up-to-date.

„[…] no longer observed, he’d feel
not recognized, not recognized,
not respected, not respected,
meaningless, meaningsless,
useless, […]
so we observe eachother,
snapping and filming eachother for fear
of the absurdity of our existence
in the face of an expanding universe
with its billions of Milky Way galaxies.“


Inspired by the sculptures of Richard Serra and the shape of a camera lens, I designed a 3D interpretation of the quote as part of an exhibition design. The conceptual idea was that the visitor follows the narrow path through the quote by Dürrenmatt. The walls are semi-transparent and become higher and more intimidating with every word until it expands into a spacious room. The visitor, first an observer on its own due to transparent walls, is now faced with a projections of him/herself walking through the installation. The observation of an observer being observed.