Organ Sounds from the Universe

(Die Register des Universums)

Infinite vastness, darkness, emptiness – a quite authentic and scientifically founded description of the universe. It is hardly imaginable that our earth once originated from this space hostile to life. How did a world of abundance arise from a space of emptiness? It seems as if the universe had pulled out all the stops.

The concept of this event was to create an emotional experience for the audience which triggers a positive momentum to take care of our beautiful unique Earth. An open Q & A at the end of the experience allowed the audience to go in direct dialogue with the astronomers on site.

For this experience, we – a team of experts in astronomy, music and light art – invited the audience to embark together on a very special journey to the traces of planet Earth. They experience the universe in its artistic splendor and scientific beauty. Scientific snippets went into symbiosis with astronomical sounds on the organ and a special, audiovisual experience.


Organ: Susanne Hartwich-Duefel,
Light art: Roger Beuchert,
Astronomy: Tobias Beuchert, Leonard Burtscher, Annika Kreikenbohm, Katharina Leiter
Videos: Tobias Beuchert
Print Design: Annika Kreikenbohm

Tour Dates

08.06.2023, Meistersingerhalle, Nürnberg

28.10.2023, St. Matthäuskirche, Erlangen

December 2023, Kloster Beneditkbeuern (to be annouced)