2017, March. Long Island. Fashion Collection.

If you think that high fashion photography is all about the clothes, you are certainly wrong.

Even the best-looking clothes can look lifeless and boring when they are showcased online or printed into a catalog if you don’t have the right knowledge of lighting, exposure, posing, and composition.

So, what is fashion photography?

Fashion photography is an extremely demanding discipline that is combining the normal photography elements like composition, lighting, and exposure, with the energy and life of the model and the clothing.

In this guide, you will learn many fashion photography tips on how to make excellent fashion photos that capture the feel and look of the model and also their clothes with no trouble at all.

Read this guide to find out how to become a fashion photographer, starting from the studio shoots to the on-location fashion photography.

If you are new in fashion photography, you should know that it requires knowledge of the primary digital photography such as composition and exposure.

If you already know how to work with your digital camera in manual style, you will definitely have no difficulties to adjust to the fundamentals of fashion photography. As the subject hardly ever moves, you will definitely find fashion photography very easy.

Fashion photography can take be made in two places: indoors, in an interesting environment or in a studio, and outdoors. Outdoor shoots are usually more complex than indoor shoots because the weather is making the camera adaptation more important.