Becoming a Professional Photographer

Making the leap from amateur to a professional photographer is not the result of a trivial decision. Going pro requires a completely different attitude, approach, and mindset. Here are some important factors to think about if you want to be a successful professional photographer…

For example, this isn’t something you should do if the only motivating element is that you have a passion for photography. Likewise, if going pro is the result of people nagging you to do it because you take such great photos, then some deeper consideration might be in order.

Jumping from amateur to professional photographer means adopting a complete change in mindset and having a totally different approach to what you do. That’s quite natural, and fully expected—as long as you do accept the premise and all the responsibility that comes along with it!

Because, and this is the absolute truth, you cannot hope to run a successful photography studio if you don’t put the business first. Seriously, if you strongly disagree with the above statement then you should exit the photography business as quickly and as gracefully as possible, and go find another job.

Now that you’re fully committed to the challenge of starting your own photography business, and you understand at least some of the enormity of the task ahead of you, welcome aboard! Despite all the seriousness of the previous paragraphs, it’s true that being a professional photographer is fun, rewarding, and deeply satisfying. So, don’t wait, start going pro now.