My Magical Wedding

I got engaged to Gia about 4 years ago.  Right after that we both visited my parents in New Jersey to tell them the good news. We were already starting to plan the wedding and
were totally excited by it. Then all of our plans were abruptly halted.

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. As you can imagine, I no longer felt excited about my wedding, my ceremony or having any sort of celebration. My mom was sick and all I wanted was for her to get better. It was rough.

At the same time, Gia didn’t want to wait to get married. So we decided that it was best to simply go to City Hall to make it official.

But it never felt right. Without a ceremony and without our family and friends with us, our marriage never felt official in our hearts. So when my mom got better, we decided that it was time to plan a real wedding.

In my mind, I thought it was going to be just an awesome, touching and beautiful party. I thought I was doing it more for Gia than for me. Things wouldn’t really be different after our wedding. I was wrong.

I know that commitment is the backbone of success. And everyday I am with Gia, my commitment to her is growing and my relating to her is getting richer, better and more profound.