Pictures Talk, Too

Life is full of mysteries. And just because we don’t see or feel something doesn’t mean it is non-existent.

Do you think that we can only watch movies? No, not really. In fact, we could watch pictures and even listen to them as well. It’s a special power only some people have.

Have you ever looked at a photo and felt like it is trying to talk to you? Did you hear it clearly? What did it say?
There are people who claim that they can hear the pictures, just as they can listen to the invisible. And indeed, they do not need to have the superpower to do that, just focus will do.

Look at a nice pic of delicious dishes? If you have eaten it before, your brain will automatically remind you of the flavors you tasted. That’s how you „taste“ a picture of food. Look into a picture of silk, you can relate to the sense of smoothness it can give although you aren’t touching it. That’s how you „sense“ it.

Even photos with images that are not related to the sound, you can still hear its story. Whatever it sounds depends on your prior experience.

The art of taking photos is to add magic to the scene so that it can create an effect on its audiences not only with the images but also with the sounds.