MindEIO – a modern oracle

Interactive Design, 3. Semester, supervised by Prof. E. Schöls

Instability and insecurity drive our desire for orientation and directions. We use artificial intelligence and data mining to predict the near future. In a way these algorithms are our modern oracles („manteio“, greek). Futurologists believe that by 2045we will be able to upload our minds to the virtual world. What would our own mind copy tell us about the future?

MindEIO simulates an artificial intelligence that is shaped by our digital footprints in the virtual world. Your own mind copy foretells the future of mankind. As a reflection of our mind the prophecy is already within ourselves.


The oracle reacts to the presence of a person. Once you are close to it asks for your name. However, once you have hit ENTER you have no control over the data mining and ​creation of your mind copy. The only thing you can do is leave or wait for your prophecy.

Check out the video to see the conceptual development!

Construction & Installation

Components: Fresnel lens, Arduino board, Distance sensor, Screen, Speaker, PS3eye camera, Wireless keyboard, Processing & Arduino sketches, light source, wood.