My name is Annika Kreikenbohm. I am an astrophysicist and communication design student living in Würzburg, Germany. My current focus is on information design and data visualization using digital media with focus on interactive design, animation.


Since 04/2019
Post-Doc Research Position, Univ. Würzburg, Germany
Project: Virtual and Augmented Reality in Physics Education

10/2015 – 03/2020
Bachelor of Arts in Communication Design, FHWS, Würzburg, Germany

04/2013 – 04/2019
PhD in Astrophysics, Univ. Würzburg, Germany

10/2010 – 02/2013
Master of Science in Physics, Univ. Würzburg, Germany

10/2007 – 07/2010
Bachelor of Science in Physics, Univ. Kiel, Germany

born and raised in Hannover, Germany.



Virtual Data Cosmos & Augmented Consciousness, Bergwerk 2020.1, Feb 7-8, FHWS Würzburg


The Tangible Universe, Science & Fiction Festival, Oct. 19-20, Deutsches Museum, Munich
The Tangible Universe, ARS Electronica Festival 2019, Sept. 5–9, Linz
The Tangible Universe, Bergwerk 2019.2, July 26–27, FHWS Würzburg


AMOC, Bergwerk 2018.2, July 27–28, FHWS, Würzburg
MindEIO, Bergwerk 2018.1, February 8–9, FHWS, Würzburg


The Art of Capoeira, Book store erlesenFebruary – May, Würzburg, Germany
A arte de Capoeira,  ABADA-Capoeira Jogos Europeus 2017,  April 13–19, Prague, Czech Republic
Press photo 2016, March – May, Munich Airport, Germany


UPCOMING MASTERS OF PHOTOGRAPHY, Photokina 2016, Sept. 20–25, Cologne
Multi Licht Blick & ZEIT, Bergwerk 2016.2, July 22–23, FHWS, Würzburg
The Art of Capoeira, Bergwerk 2016.1, February 4–5, FHWS, Würzburg
Old Landscapes, all year,  DAV Kletterzentrum, Würzburg


Old Landscapes, December, DAV Kletterzentrum, Würzburg
World of Thoughts, April / May, Villa Jungnikl, Würzburg


Reflexions of indefinite moments, August, KÖR Off-Galerie, Würzburg

Internships & Trainings

09/2018 – 03/2019 Design Internship, ART+COM Studios, Berlin, Germany
06/2015 Research stay, European Southern Observatory, Garching, Germany
06/2014 Research stay, NASA GSFC, Washington D.C., USA
09/2011– 03/2012 Student Trainee, European Space Agency, Madrid, Spain


2020 Bergkristall 2020, University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt
2018 2nd Prize, Photo contest, UNESCO International Center for Martial Arts
2016 Newcomer Prize, Press Photo Lower Franconia, BJV
2013 – 2015 Research Grant, German Aerospace Center (DLR)
2013 Wilhelm-Conrad Röntgen Student Prize, University Würzburg


Adobe Creative Suite, Processing, Arduino, Video-Editing (Premiere, After Effects), Unity, Cinema4D, R, Python

Design Workshops / Talks

2020/03 The Virtual Data Cosmos, Center for Computatioinal and Theoretical Biology, Univ. Würzburg, presenter
2020/02 The Tinker Festival, Ladies, Wine, Design Würzburg – #03 Leading Ladies, presenter
2019 Tinker Festival, founder & organizer
2018 Science Hack Day, Berlin, organizing team
2018 Retune Festival/Workshop, Berlin, participant
2018 see.conference, Wiesbaden, participant
2016 see.conference, Wiesbaden, participant

Scientific Conferences / Talks

Contributed talks:

2018 Padova, Italy, „NLS1 and their place in the universe“
2017 Rom, Italy, „X-ray Universe 2017“
2017 Bamberg, Germany, „FRANCI Meeting 17“
2016 Erlangen, Germany, „FRANCI Meeting 16“
2016 Amsterdam, NL, „11th INTEGRAL workshop“
2015 ESA ESAC, Madrid, Spain, Trainee Alumni Meeting
2015 Bamberg, Germany, „FRANCI Meeting 15“
2014 NASA GSFC, Washington D.C., USA, „Pizza Talk“
2014 Lewis, Delaware, USA, NASA Fermi Summer School
2013 Würzburg, Germany, „FRANCI Meeting 13“
2012 ESA ESAC, Madrid, Spain, Annual Trainee Meeting

Poster presentation

2016 Pavia, Italy, „Exploring the transient X-ray sky“
2016 Munich, Germany, ESO, „AGN – What’s in a name?“
2016 Madrid, Spain, ESA ESAC, „XMM-Newton – the next decade“
2015 Madrid, Spain, ESA ESAC, „The extremes of black hole accretion“
2015 Cracow, Poland, „Relativistic Jets:Creation Dynamics and internal physics“,
2014 Bamberg, Germany, „AG Tagung: The variable Sky“
2014 Dublin, Ireland, „The X-ray Universe 2014“
2013 Madrid, Spain, ESA ESAC, „Accretion 2013 Workshop“
2013 Granada, „The innermost regions of relativistic jets and their magnetic fields“


2013 ASTRON/JIVE, Dwingeloo, European Radio Interferometry School
2012 MPIfR, Bonn, „Nuclei of Seyfert galaxies and QSOs“
2012 Bamberg, Germany, „Black Hole Universe“